Yes, We Sell Dehydrated Urine Separately!

by The Discovering Alcoholic on March 23, 2008

“Yes, We Sell Dehydrated Urine Separately.” Now that’s a statement you don’t hear every day, but to those eager to get over on a drug test it’s music to their ears. Actually it’s part of a package deal called “The Original Whizzinator” that includes a prosthetic penis and a heating pad to complete the sham.

Yes, it is funny but sad at the same time when you consider the lengths some people will go to hide their problem or to facilitate their drug use. Now before you accuse me of actually aiding and abetting by providing pictures and links, let me assure you that regardless of how foolproof the system may be a drug addict or alcoholic will find a way to screw it up. Most will pay $175 for a fake penis and some powdered urine only to be canned the following month for excessive absenteeism.

A few of the more famous “whizzinator alumni” include actor Tom Sizemore and Viking running back Onterrio Smith, both failed to carry off the hoax and were caught.

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