Wisconsin: At Least This Badger has an Excuse!

by The Discovering Alcoholic on July 13, 2009

original pic by jasja dekker under creative commons license now at The Discovering Alcoholic

I couldn’t help but spring at the chance to offer another back handed tribute to woeful Wisconsin and it’s sad track record of alcohol abuse and DUI after hearing about this obnoxiously drunk badger. Yep, this was a real badger, meles meles– not to be confused with the more common North American type, the drunkus fanaticus. Stoned out its mind on fermented fruit, this usually ferocious ball of fur was a dumpy lump that literally had to be swept off the pavement. And like a typical drunkard, this intoxicated badger made its strongest statement of the evening… by fouling itself.

“The animal’s stomach had turned the fruit to alcohol and the badger was, to put it crudely, drunk as a skunk,” said a police statement on Wednesday. “In addition, the badger was suffering from diarrhoea studded with cherry stones.”

At least this badger has an honest excuse, the same thing can not be said for those in Wisconsin that keep the state at the top for DUI and underage drinking and at the bottom in enforcement.

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