Which Video Makes the Bigger Impact?

by The Discovering Alcoholic on January 17, 2010

A TDA hat tip to Lisa over at Breaking the Cycles for discovering this link to It’s No Joke TV, a UK initiative that uses humor to warn teenagers of the dangers of alcohol. It was there I saw a PSA by Bill Bailey that was really quite good, I’ve embedded the video below so that you can view it yourself. It got me thinking though; as good as the PSA was it’s not as nearly memorable as Mr. Bailey’s role as Manny in Black Books– a series notable for its alcohol soaked humor. Watch Black Books for yourself first in the embedded video at the top of this post thanks to the magic of Hulu.

Introduced to it years after it was made, I watched all 18 installments and Black Books actually became one of my favorite Brit comedies despite the heavy drinking portrayals. So while I do still commend Mr. Bailey for the PSA and consider him no more a hypocrite than I am for thoroughly enjoying his other work, I think it’s obvious which of these videos makes a bigger impact about alcohol.

Just making a point. Alcohol, It’s No Joke– but we are all going to have to get a lot more serious if we plan on making a real difference.

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