Where is Gerry Rafferty?

by The Discovering Alcoholic on July 11, 2009

Well I didn’t intend on shining the spotlight on sobriety challenged Scotsmen this week, but when Right Down the Line began playing on my car radio this evening I couldn’t help but wonder- where is Gerry Rafferty?

Unlike our friend in recovery Craig Ferguson who makes me smile just at the mention of his name, Mr. Rafferty is one of the many artistic people who have been stolen from us by alcoholism. The very talented singer-songwriter disappeared from the public eye about this time last year from a hospital where he was being treated for liver failure… clothes and luggage left behind, Rafferty vanished.

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Doing a little follow up research on the matter it seems that no one still really knows where Rafferty is, one story has him recovering under a friend’s care in South England and about the same time another claimed he was Happily living in Tuscany. The latest mention of him anywhere comes from this story, Disappearing Act Mystery, which is actually a book review of another heavy drinking musician’s disappearance, Richey Edwards.

It would be a shame that after such classic hits as Baker Street Blue and Right Down the Line that Rafferty doesn’t resurface and instead leaves behind the sad legacy of self destruction. Almost every recent article I can found has at least some reference to his last days in public.

A chambermaid had managed to access Rafferty’s room on the second day of his stay by which point it had already been comprehensively wrecked. “The place stank of urine and vomit,” said Mr Huggan. “We ended up having to incinerate everything in that room, the carpet, the bedsheets, the curtains, you name it.” ~ Independent

While I doubt that Rafferty is “happily living in Tuscany”, one can always hope that at least he has found peace in recovery wherever he might be.

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1 Brian of Nazareth February 29, 2012 at 12:56 pm

He has taken “The Ark” and “sailed out on the water” to the Undying Lands where “all strangers are known”.

He will indeed be missed. RIP, Gerry. (1947-2011)


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