When it comes to alcohol, child safety is no priority

by The Discovering Alcoholic on November 22, 2008

original photo by Pingu1963 at The Discovering Alcoholic

I grew up in the days of rock fights, bottle rocket battles, and BB gun wars… it wasn’t until my teen years that seat belts even came into the picture. Where I probably should be missing both eyes and an appendage, maybe I should consider myself lucky just to be an alcoholic. These days however, kids really seem much better safeguarded by a society that considers bicycle helmets, trampoline nets, and car seats absolute necessities. Parents risk a visit from child safety services if not equipping their kids with the proper safety equipment. Of course there is still one huge risk parents are allowed to expose there children to without any repercussion, alcohol.

One in ten of children will face alcohol dependence in their lifetime, yet parents are only urged to imbibe responsibly instead of total abstinence. I guess ten percent is an acceptable loss? Knowing that one in ten kids will grow up to have problems regardless of what they are taught about drinking, wouldn’t it be safer just to set a clean and sober example? When it comes to our society’s love affair with alcohol, obviously child safety is not a priority.

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