What to Do When an Alcoholic/Opioid Drug Addict Needs Surgery and Pain Meds?

by The Discovering Alcoholic on May 15, 2009

Thank you author and speaker Lisa Frederiksen of Breaking the Cycles for this regular series sharing her decades long experience of dealing with family alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Click here to see the rest of the series.

Breaking the Cycles at The Discovering Alcoholic

At a recent meeting, one of the discussions was about living in fear of what would happen if a recovering opioid drug addict or opioid drug addict with the co-addiction of alcoholism had to have surgery and needed pain medications. Would that be the trigger that set them off down the road of addiction, again? Following this meeting, I came across Join Together’s news summary, SAMHSA and FDA Launch Methadone Education Campaign. This campaign is what we need!

Quoting from the campaign program site, this is a “public awareness campaign to deliver the message to consumers that methadone is a safe and effective treatment for opioid addiction and pain management when taken as directed.” Click here to download the campaign brochure.

So, please…pass this along to those with a loved one who is recovering from an opioid drug addiction or co-addiction with alcoholism. One never knows when surgery will be necessary and this will prepare them for how best to handle the pain without triggering a relapse.

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