What Exactly Would Rate as a Negative Impact to Keith Richards?

by The Discovering Alcoholic on January 25, 2010

Notorious for his boozing, Rolling Stone Keith Richards now 66 is going on the wagon. Better late than never I guess, what a drag it is to get old. What I thought was interesting about this particular news item is the quote that follows a statement that Mr. Richards had suffered a brain hemorrhage after falling out of palm tree because he was drunk.

A source close to the guitarist told The Sun: “He has always quite enjoyed the fact that he seemed to be able to carry on drinking as much as he liked with no real negative impact on his health.

If having brain surgery to correct a hemorrhage resulting from a drunken binge doesn’t rate as a “real negative impact” to Mr. Richards, I wonder what exactly would? It’s rhetorical. The truth of the matter is that most alcoholics will drink just as long as they physically can. Writing off even the most negative events as unrelated calamities and rationalizing that next drink, that’s par for the alcoholic course. Mr. Richards probably had convinced himself that gravity was to blame for his fall, not the binge drinking. Don’t laugh, I routinely looked to alcohol as the way to control my shakes, not the cause… the mental aspect of this disease can be incomprehensible to the initiated.

Good luck Keith, let’s see if you can also stay away from mother’s little helper.

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