Vampire Cops Stake Out DUI

by The Discovering Alcoholic on September 18, 2009

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is conducting a pilot program in Texas and Idaho with local law enforcement who have been trained and empowered to draw blood onsite for those drivers who refuse to submit to a sobriety breath test. Personally I think this is a horrible idea, obviously untenable on a large scale, and doomed for failure because of potential health, safety, and legal issues; please NHTSA, don’t waste the public’s time and money on this trial lead balloon. I prefer a much safer and litigation free method of increased enforcement –you refuse the breath, then you go straight to jail for thirty days without passing go.

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You are wrong if you thought the US was the first to think of cops drawing blood, check out Korea’s Vampire Cop Ricky from 2006. It’s pretty women not intoxicated drivers though that prompts the blood drawing response from officer Ricky. If you are into the idea of a phlebotomist cop then that has the entire movie online… isn’t the internet wonderful?

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