Top 5 Reasons to See Pineapple Express

by The Discovering Alcoholic on August 9, 2008

I know what you’re thinking, what’s The Discovering Alcoholic doing promoting a stoner flick that glorifies drug use? Well, I like a laugh as good as the next guy and to tell the truth this movie is an excellent comedic vehicle. But something else resonated throughout this latest comedy by constant collaborators Jude Apatow and Seth Rogen -stoners, while funny to watch, are in reality painfully pathetic losers.

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While positively hilarious, this movie would serve admirably as an anti-drug public servant announcement as it gives a brutally honest assessment of “stoner life”. So with no further delay, here are TDA’s top 5 reasons to see Pineapple Express.

5. Stoners are portrayed as stoners. Seth Rogen plays Dale, a 25 year-old process server and chronic pot smoker whose girlfriend is still in high school… and he’s the successful “normal” guy of the flick.

4. Drug dealers die horrible, violent deaths. In fact, in this movie the drug dealers are shot, blown up, emasculated, and beat unmercifully with lumber and steel pipes. The drug culture can be a harsh environment, and it hurts.

3. Family and friends suffer the consequence of their loved one’s drug use. Innocent bystanders are shot, families are uprooted from their homes, and loved ones are threatened with violence all because one guy likes to get high.

2. Drug users are painfully stupid. James Franco plays a brain fried dope dealer who takes ignorance to a new height.

1. Drugs use stifles achievement and success. Both of the main characters of the film have big dreams, Dale wants to be in talk radio and Saul wants to be an architect, but in reality all they do is get high and dream.

Even though I’m sure many people will go to this movie and see nothing deeper than a bunch of funny potheads and gratuitous violence, I think the director may have had a sense of buyers remorse and wanted to make sure that drug use was parodied- not glorified. In addition to the main characters pitiful existence, there was a scene where hard drug use was portrayed as very uncool and another that included a warning against allowing marijuana to become a gateway drug.

All in all a very funny movie, but not one I would recommend if you can’t handle black comedy and gratuitous violence.

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