The Ultimate Recovery Music

by The Discovering Alcoholic on April 7, 2007

I was going to post some fairly serious content tonight but got sidetracked doing some podcasting experimentation with my new Alesis Multimix8 USB and Behringer C-1 microphone. Nope, not going to talk about my new toys either; it’s the music I had playing in the background that has peaked my interest tonight. My wife is out of the country for a few weeks so I have been cranking up the tunes like a bachelor. Most of my solitary nights, I just put it on one of the cable music channels and let it play until lights out. I have gone through the 70’s, 80’s, classic rock, classic country, cool jazz, light classical, and even sampled opera and bluegrass for a while. Yeah I know, that kind of play mix just might cause dizziness, seizures, and possible rectal leakage but I have survived. Tonight though I got off my lazy duff and dug through my old CD’s to play some old tunes I haven’t heard in ages. One in particular sparked my interest in particular, K. D. Lang’s Drag because I remember when I bought it I said to myself, “self, this is the ultimate recovery CD/album”.

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I know, many of you probably had to catch your breath from laughing so hard after I acknowledged this tough guy from Alabama has a soft place in his heart for the unique Ms Lang. Well get over it and let me know what YOU think is the ultimate recovery CD or if you must, break it down to a song. We will revisit this as an open thread at a later date to compare results.

Remember this is about recovery, drug and alcohol abuse are the topics we speak about round these parts but tonight’s topic is an open thread for all. Broken hearts, lost loves, and all other issues that require respite and recovery will fit the bill for this musical quest. The only rule we have is to keep it clean and give a brief explanation why you are have made your suggestion. I’ll get the ball rolling with the first comments below.

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