The Trouble with Marty

by Screedler on March 30, 2016

Impossible to find on purpose…  but it is in the public domain.  I am not even sure how I found it.  File this in historical PSA’s.  Heroin, Cocaine, and Marijuana are the demons that trouble Marty; give this film 3 minutes and you will be “hooked”.

Drug Addiction
by Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, Inc.
Published 1951
Usage Public Domain
Topics Substance abuse: Drugs


Marty, a “good boy,” experiments with marijuana and experiences “profound mental and emotional disturbances.” As in all anti-drug films of this vintage, marijuana leads straight to “H,” and Marty’s decline continues until he is busted, rehabbed and reformed.

It belongs to that little-known “second wave” of anti-drug films, the postwar scare stories about middle-class kids overcome by junkiedom.  What this wave of films reveals is that drugs were an issue for white adolescents long before the psychedelic Sixties, and that the official response to the threat expressed a general, not specifically targeted paranoia.

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