The TDA Senseless Cam: A Recovery Tool

by The Discovering Alcoholic on January 15, 2010

Back in 2004 Microsoft developed a camera that hung around the neck and acted as a life recorder, they called it the Sensecam. The same technology is being used today in the Vicon Revue which is marketed as a “research tool aimed at helping people with severe memory impairment including sufferers from Alzheimer’s disease.”

Revue either operates on a timer, taking photos unobtrusively every 30 seconds or can be set to take photos automatically when triggered by the internal sensors within the camera. Images are downloaded at the end of the user’s day or particular event being captured such as a wedding or day trip. Research has found images are best viewed in a time lapse video from the sequence of images taken. ~ Vicon Revue

It’s a pretty cool device with a unique application, but it got me thinking about another potential use. What if this thing had been hanging around my neck during my last year of so as a practicing alcoholic? Could you imagine instead of a speaker meeting going to a “my last year of drinking, a photo essay” – now that would be a recovery tool. Talk about getting an accurate reminder of why sobriety is so important! Instead of the Sensecam though, we would have to call it the TDA Sensless Cam.

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