The TDA Alphabet Primer: H is for the Hard Alcoholic

by The Discovering Alcoholic on December 15, 2009

The TDA Alphabet Primer: H is for the Hard AlcoholicThose looking from the outside in will stereotypically describe the alcoholic as the ill-disciplined sot that avoids responsibility and accountability like the plague. They will rarely take the time to think how the father, crack student, decorated soldier or model employee got there in the first place though.

They are unlike those close to the alcoholic, the family, friends, and coworkers who learn through suffering and dissapointment the depth of this disease; not seeing the transformation, the slow but deliberate spiral into substance servitude. It is during this time the determined alcoholic is far from indecisive, not flinching from tough decisions that would make the sober CEO shirk. The alcoholic is instead a cold, hard individual that will consciously scam his family, risk military justice for an afternoon drunk, or throw away a career or future in favor of a life of intoxication.

This is not a haphazard process, these things are premeditated, often part of a complex web of lies that are planned in detail. The alcoholic is ice cold and rock hard… do not place yourself between them and booze unless you are willing to take a loss.

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