The REAL Domestic Extremists That Threaten Our Nation

by The Discovering Alcoholic on June 14, 2009

Killing without a cause!

Deadly Extremist Killing Thousands, Threaten Nation at The Discovering Alcoholic

On a daily basis they gather in dark smoky rooms across the country before dispersing out onto our highway system to claim yet more innocent lives. I am all for diversity, but our acceptance of these extremists living and practicing their dark arts right here among us is just too much for me to bear any longer. I am also getting very tired of the apologists and enablers that tacitly support this ritualistic behavior, from the parents that think it is just a phase to our media and entertainment industry that glorifies the practice.

Enough is enough!

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These people who take their drinking to an extreme are all around us- after high school games, on college campus, at the local watering hole, and in the home. It doesn’t have to be the repeat offender, even a one time slip can result in the loss of innocent lives.

For me, this was the straw that broke the camels back:

A Pensacola woman who was so drunk that she did not know her own name is accused of DUI manslaughter for killing a bicyclist on Nine Mile Road. She left the scene, and nearly hit a deputy’s cruiser when she returned about an hour later… Troopers say Steele and his bicycle were dragged under Rivkin’s GMC Yukon for about a quarter of a mile. ~

Notice the classic terrorist tactic of using the first deadly attack as a lure for the follow-up attack on emergency personnel and first responders!

Over the last decade, we have mobilized our troops across the world in response to a terrorist attack that killed a mere 3000 people. In just the past few months, the news media, blogosphere, and even the Department of Homeland Security has gone gaga over domestic terrorism that includes the death of a US soldier, security guard, and an abortion doctor. Yet silence still reigns as nearly 13,000 people are sacrificed on the DUI altar of alcohol every year in America alone. Adding insult to industry, these people are killed for no ideological cause whatsoever- half of the perpetrators can’t even remember their own names much less how they accomplished the taking of an innocent life!

Where are the moments of silence, the solemn ringing of a bell for each victim, how about ribbons on the lapels of our broadcast journalist worn as daily reminders to all Americans of the dangerous times we live in? Why isn’t Bill O’Reilly excoriating a society so accepting of this tragedy or Keith Olbermann breaking out his thesaurus for yet another vessel bulging rant? Where are the patriotic concerts and victims funds to take care of those left without loved ones and providers?

We lose considerably more people to senseless DUI fatalities each year than to terrorists and the wars combined (including the war on drugs), they are discussed on a daily basis by our President and Congress, and yet stories like the one above are relegated to local back page stories that rarely see the light of a reading lamp.

So if you really want to get involved, to help make our world a better place, and protect the lives of those people around you- get MADD about drunk driving, better yet, take a pledge of sobriety. Any one can do it. It doesn’t take joining the military or a writing a UN resolution- just volunteer to be a designated driver, offer coffee and Thai tea as an alternative to alcoholic beverages, and reinforce to our young people that drinking is not so much a rite of passage as it is a national shame when you consider how much death and misery it creates. That’s how you can really make difference!

Don’t let these extremists take someone that you love.

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