The Perfect DUI Storm

by The Discovering Alcoholic on January 7, 2010

The couple inches of snow predicted never materialized. What we got however was much worse… freezing rain and ice. In the South, when it snows people are scared to get out on the highways and for the most part limit their driving, but now thinking they have avoided the winter storm people are out in droves and the freezing weather is upon us. What makes this worse is that here in Alabama, you have more than half the state (not me, tonight I am a Longhorn) worked up into a lather over the BCS National Championship Game. Alabama fans live, love, breathe, and especially DRINK football. So there will be a huge number of inebriated people, driving in conditions no one is experienced at even sober, and everyone will be out late because of the west coast TV times- it will be more than just a problem.

It’s the perfect DUI storm.

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