The Magic of Coffee

by The Discovering Alcoholic on August 14, 2008

The Magic of Coffee: Peet’s Coffee- Panama Esmeralda GeishaI drink coffee almost 24/7 and according to a recent Vanderbilt University study I am not alone as far as recovering alcoholics go in my penchant for a good cup of joe. The study states that almost ninety percent of all recovering alcoholics drink coffee, and usually in larger amounts than the rest of the population of which a little over half also imbibe coffee.

All one has to do is take in the clutter of coffee cups at AA meetings to see truth in the study’s numbers. Everything from the well traveled travel mugs of the old timers to ubiquitous styrofoam cups of the newcomers with their oft chewed brims will grace the table of almost any type of recovery meeting. Dr. Peter Martin, a VU professor of psychiatry and pharmacology, thinks there may be a link between coffee and successful sobriety.

“This study leads us to believe that there may be something in coffee that may facilitate the abstinence of alcohol,”… adding that identifying such a component could lead to the creation of a medication to treat alcoholism. ~

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Personally I would disagree with coffee having any curative powers other than the caffeine stimulant as far the battle with addiction and cravings go. But one thing is sure, when one is new to sobriety and still thinking like an alcoholic we search for anything that will help us get through this time. I for one glommed onto coffee and placed my faith in the magical bean as something that helped me stick to my recovery program. It is what alcoholics and addicts do; we don’t think the power to resist exists within ourselves so we seek out external substances that will empower us. Coffee at meetings is plentiful, safe, and free- so it becomes a natural ally in our struggle.

These days my favorite brand of coffee is Peet’s. I have a regular shipment of freshly roasted coffee delivered monthly, but I sometimes augment this with one of Peet’s special offerings… their latest is Panama Esmeralda Geisha. The picture at the top of this post is the actual flower of this unique coffee bean which is sold in rare 300 pound lots. Peet’s price is $50 per pound, I‘ll give it a shot and give you a review after I’ve had a chance try a cup.

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