The Eleventh Commandment

by The Discovering Alcoholic on June 29, 2009

I have seen the effectiveness of Celebrate Recovery. The discovery of my own late blooming, private labeled spirituality has been the biggest and best surprise I’ve found in sobriety. Faith, no doubt, can be a very powerful tool of recovery but… the complexity of religion can also be a ripe target for an addictive mind to focus on to the detriment of recovery.

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I know I used religion as just one of many excuses why AA wouldn’t work for me, it’s a common tactic. Mine was an issue of doubt and disbelief, but even devoutness can cause problems. Lately I’ve had a few conversations with a chronic relapser that would prefer to ponder the written word rather than concentrating on staying sober. Intent on practicing his beliefs instead of abstinence- he continuously loses focus on the goal of sobriety.

My thoughts on this subject are simple. If you are seeking God, make sure you meet him clean and sober. I have no doubt if there was an eleventh commandment (thank you Mel Brooks), it would be thou shalt stay sober. Practice this first, and the faith and spirituality will surely follow.

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