The Discovering Palcoholic

by Screedler on May 25, 2015


Powdered Alcohol has been approved for human consumption by the government and is expected to go on sale this summer.  Many states have already sought to ban its sale due to safety concerns of misuse by underage drinkers as addressed in the above video.

Palcohol, the leading manufacturer of the new way to get inebriated lists some inaccurate representations of their product:

1. People will snort it. I doubt it. People snort liquid alcohol and get drunk quickly which is why they do it. However, you can’t get drunk from snorting powdered alcohol because there’s too much powder and it’s very painful to snort. It’s cheaper, faster and less painful to get drunk on liquid alcohol

2. Powdered alcohol will make it easier to sneak into venues. Not true. A shot of liquid alcohol is 1/4 the volume of a shot of powdered alcohol so it’s much easier to sneak liquid alcohol into venues.

3. It will be easier to spike a drink. Not true. Liquid alcohol dissolves 30 times faster in a drink.

4. It’s super-concentrated. No it’s not. It has the same alcohol by volume as a standard mixed drink.

5. Kids will get a hold of it easier. How? It will be sold in liquor stores just like liquid alcohol.

6. It’s appealing to underage drinkers. Just the opposite. Palcohol costs four times more than liquid alcohol and one can’t drink it straight like liquid alcohol. Kids will always choose liquid alcohol.

7. Palcohol can be sprinkled on food to get someone drunk. Well, it can be sprinkled on food but it would be noticeable…..and it wouldn’t make anyone drunk. It’s unlikely that a person could consume enough food/powder to even equal one drink.

I believe this product is doomed, as it is just too much trouble for adults, the few clever teenagers who get hold of it and fill a container of baby powder or detergent with it will not make it profitable enough.  The makers themselves state above that it is more expensive, more bulky, and an ineffective way to get drunk.

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