The Discovering Alcoholic in Japan

by The Discovering Alcoholic on December 20, 2008

Original photo by Hyougushi now at The Discovering Alcoholic

One of my biggest fears as a pre-recovery alcoholic was that I would be forever tied down to the backroom of a church or community center… an AA sanctuary. Even though I was in reality already imprisoned by my disease, skewed alcoholic thinking had me terrified of being chained down by a recovery program.

Now I know better. The same tools that keep me successful in recovery do the same for me in my personal life. My routine, diligent recovery program actually empowers me and offers a freedom I never knew as a practicing alcoholic. Today I celebrated this liberty by booking a ticket to Tokyo.

Next episode, The Discovering Alcoholic does Japan.

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Well, actually it won’t be the next episode- my trip starts in late February and will stay into mid-March. I’ll start out with a little work attending a fuel cell trade show in Tokyo, but after four or five days on company business leave Tokyo for the northern island of Hokkaido on my personal excursion. My ultimate destination is Otaru, my long awaited seafood and sushi heaven.

I’ll give some more specifics at a later date about my plans because to be truthful they aren’t very concrete at this moment. My personal leave will start off around the above pictured famous canal of Otaru, after that your guess is as good as mine. I will still keep TDA updated nightly, so if you are interested in being a guest contributor this would be a great time to lend a hand!

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