The Choom Gang and the Pot Smokin POTUS

Choomer in Cheif

by Screedler on May 29, 2012

The new biography, “Barack Obama,The Story” by David Maraniss is grabbing headlines with details of his pot-smoking past in Hawaii.  Maraniss claims that Obama wasn’t just an occasional smoker, but part of a legitimate crew of marijuana enthusiasts called the Choom Gang.

For all the sordid details check out, but for a funnier look into our President’s pot smoking past check out Taiwan TV’s “The Audacity of Dope”.

Ironically those that are most critical of his past drug experience aren’t those that think this behavior was deplorable; they are in fact criticizing his continuing war on drugs in the present.

Potus Factoid – While POTUS is an acronym for The President of the United States, it is also the latin word meaning drunk or drink.

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