Teaching Kids to Drink Responsibly in Wisconsin

by The Discovering Alcoholic on October 10, 2009

Teaching Kids to Drink Responsibly in Wisconsin at The Discovering Alcoholic

Julia E. Laack of Sheboygan, Wisconsin pulled off a daring heist at the local convenience store stealing away with massive haul that included a bag of beef jerky and a cigarette lighter. It’s not clear if she had her kids in the getaway car or not, but because the police followed her home it soon became apparent she was drunk. When the police tried to arrest her she first blamed her kids, assaulted the officers kicking one in the groin and spitting on another, and then stripped down in front of all. An odd plan, but apparently thought she couldn’t be escorted to jail if she was nude.

Yea, obviously this woman will not be winning the world’s greatest mom award anytime soon, but other than providing fodder for the TDA stupid drunk tricks blog there is another reason I think this story in particular is important. Wisconsin law still permits the consumption of alcohol by minors, provided they are being supervised by parents/guardians/spouses. (sidebar) Need I say it, spouses? (/sidebar) So this is how she is teaching her kids to drink, and it’s not just Wisconsin or this lady’s actions that are the problem even though I must add, what is wrong with Wisconsin?

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Over 100,000 deaths are caused by alcohol in the US annually and nearly half the crime committed is alcohol related. On a global scale, 1 in every 25 deaths is caused by alcohol.

We are not good role models!

Regardless of state, nation, or world and never mind the drinking age, our children will never learn to drink responsibly until the adults do it first.

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