TDA Turns Two!

by The Discovering Alcoholic on March 22, 2009

TDA Turns Two at The Discovering Alcoholic

In March of 2007 I officially launched The Discovering Alcoholic. Since May of the same year the site has been updated daily without fail and traffic continues its steady climb. I am extremely pleased and even amazed myself to be able to announce reaching this two year milestone, especially when you consider that over half of all blogs are abandoned in the first month. If you think about it, recovery blogs probably even have a worse record for abandonment (relapse) taking into account the stability and source of the content. No doubt I am proud of this fact just as I am of my uninterrupted 14 years in recovery, but nothing is as rewarding as the feedback and e-mails received from readers stating that the site has played a part in their recovery also… that is the icing on this birthday cake!

Thank you all for reading, participating on the site as well as in my own recovery, and making TDA a success. And keep coming back, I have plans to make TDA in the third year better than ever.

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