TDA to Speak at Drug Court Graduation

by The Discovering Alcoholic on March 16, 2009

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I accepted the invitation this week to give the commencement speech at the Shelby County Drug Court graduation scheduled for next month (April 17th); it will truly be my pleasure.

Drug Court is an alternative to the traditional court process. In Drug Court, intensive treatment, rather than incarceration, is used as the primary means of coping with drug use, abuse, and addiction. The Program is designed to keep qualified applicants as contributing members of society rather than requiring society to incur the costs of jailing or imprisoning these applicants. ~ Shelby County Sheriff Dept, Drug Court

The drug court process is a tough change but excellent opportunity for those caught up in the lifestyle of alcohol abuse and illicit drugs to turn their lives around. In order to graduate the candidates must keep full time jobs/schools, successfully complete treatment, pass frequent drug tests, stay up to date on fees, and just generally obey the rules and adhere to a schedule… following a schedule may sound simple to the uninitiated, but those in the know will tell you this may be the biggest challenge for the addict/alcoholic.

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Whether they ended up here because of a serious addiction or a bad run of luck, drug court offers those attending a chance to improve their lives instead of incarceration- recovery is truly a big tent. The definition of commencement is a beginning, in this case I think it may be more aptly described as a second chance- and those that have graduated in this case have shown the courage and dedication to grab it and I am excited to be part of the process!

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