TDA Stupid Drunk Tricks: DUI Busted Wearing Breathalyzer Costume

by The Discovering Alcoholic on November 14, 2009

TDA Stupid Drunk Drinks: Busted for DUI Wearing Breathalyzer Costume

I’m spending my Saturday night packing up for a week of work in Palm Springs; yeah, yeah I know. poor, poor pitiful me! Like a boy scout (albeit one rode hard and put up wet) though, I had saved this post for just such a busy evening since it was already dated by the time I had found it on the ever interesting Smoking Gun.

With the arrow indicator of his breathalyzer costume pointing toward “sotally tober”, this poor 18-year chugger seemed hell bent on carrying out a self-fulfilling prophecy of a Halloween DUI. He was driving down the road with an open beer and the remnants of a case of beer in the passenger seat when pulled over by officers who conducted a field sobriety test which he promptly failed.

On the bright side, at least the officers were kind enough not to make him blow into his costume’s strategically placed tube!

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