TDA Salutes New Mexico: US Airways Denied Alcohol License

by The Discovering Alcoholic on October 2, 2009

Original pic by cliff1066™ under creative commons license now at The Discovering Alcoholic

I’m sending out a TDA salute to New Mexico for denying US Airways a liquor license and remaining steadfast in its decision even after the airline sued the state. This week a federal judged ruled on the side of New Mexico’s denial of alcohol privileges brought about because of a 5-fatality car accident involving a passenger that was by eye witness reports over-served with in-flight alcoholic beverages.

Bravo New Mexico! Beyond the obvious regret for the unnecessary lost of lives, as a fairly frequent flyer I applaud the decision. I have had enough of the loud drunks, the inebriated supersonic snorers, and the naked antics of smashed passengers. I’m sure my opinion is probably not so popular, but I am all for banning alcohol in flight and at airports all together.

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