TDA on Non-Alcoholic Beer

by The Discovering Alcoholic on August 12, 2009

TDA on Non-Alcoholic Beer at The Discovering Alcoholic

Jane Burns at 77 Square writes this week on a question I am posed with often, “can alcoholics drink non-alcoholic beer safely?”

The quick answer of course is an absolute YES! In fact we can drink wine, vodka, and even tequila safely… it’s what happens afterward that is dangerous. Yea, I’m being a little facetious- it’s a legit question coming from a normy, but those of us in recovery should know better. Ms Burns asks the question to a recovery expert who gives a good response:

There’s the taste, the sound of the can opening, the visual experience,” Waupoose said. “You’ve got everything in place except the buzz. What if that’s not enough for you? I’m not saying you will, I’m saying the risk is there. ~ Michael Waupoose, program director of UW Health Gateway Recovery Clinic

Not a bad answer, but I’ve got an additional answer for recovering alcoholics that may be waffling on the issue especially considering the new line 0.00% alcohol free beers like Kirin Free ( maybe a good topic for the upcoming 2010 version of TDA in Japan) now on the market.

It’s called the Gibbs slap.

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That’s right. It’s just a gentle reminder to get your head back into the game about what’s truly important. The deeper question here is not about drinking a non-alcoholic beverage, but it’s why are you even wasting time contemplating the question in the first place? Do you once again want to be a part of certain people, places, and things?

Has the taste of a beverage become that important… and if it has, what does that say about your recovery?

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