TDA Observation: Drunks and Tire Events

by The Discovering Alcoholic on September 12, 2009

Original pick by stevensnodgrass under creative commons license now at The Discovering Alcoholic

If you are a recovering addict/alcoholic or have a relationship with an addict/alcoholic (work, family, and friend)- then you probably already know this. A practicing alcoholic will have a tire event at least once a month; whether it be a flat, blowout, missing spare, or asking for money to replace said problem. It’s not as if the tire gods are jealous of the bacchanalian worshippers, but instead a combination of two very obvious factors.

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First, it’s a convenient excuse used liberally by those late for work or who seek quick and believable cover story… it’s not just drunks that use it, we have just used it more often. Now take that the flat card has already been played one too many times with the fact that priority is on BAC and not tread wear, inflation, or alignment and tire failure is in reality going to occur more often. While not unique or specific to substance abuse- the following warning signs usually will be apparent 1) Extreme cupping and uneven tire wear from misalignment caused by running over curbs, parking stops, ditches, and big wheels 2) just plain bald tires 3) missing spare and the worst 4) Spare mounted on vehicle and already worn out and/or flat.

It’s one of those little pleasures in life we tend to overlook in recovery- riding with new treads and a vehicle that goes straight if you loosen your grip on the steering wheel.

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