TDA in Japan: Freedom to Choose My Own Schedule

by The Discovering Alcoholic on February 14, 2010

On my way home from business in Charlotte last week I picked up a JR Pass from a Japanese Travel Agency in Atlanta because they are not available online. The 2 week pass is good for all JR lines, Japan Railway Network, and even the bullet trains except for the express Nozomi line out of Tokyo. While the upfront cost of the pass may seem a little steep, the savings over the two weeks I plan to spend in country make it a real bargain. Not only cheaper though, the flexibility in travel and the ability to alter my plans without worry of costs or schedules will be extremely liberating. I’ll be able to stay over and explore or move on at will during the trip only bound by the anchor hotel reservations at the beginning, middle, and end of my stay.

This kind of travel would have been impossible for me back in my drinking days – or any addict that could not risk straying from their proven sources (alcohol may be easy to find, but a drunk’s support structure is not). For all the chaos in my life back then, I always had a plan and several fall back options including meds to satisfy my addiction. Back then I wouldn’t have traveled on my schedule or anyone else’s for that matter, I was enslaved and forced to follow the schedule of my addiction.

It’s a big file, but click on this link to see a full size map of the JR Rail lines this pass covers.

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