TDA in Japan: Alcohol and Climbing the Company Ladder

by The Discovering Alcoholic on March 4, 2009

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This will be a very short and sweet post since I have a dinner reservation at a great Sapporo sushi restaurant and have very little time. I plan to eat my weight tonight so there will be no writing afterwards.

From the title many of you, especially those in sales, will understand immediately the topic; drinking is an ingrained part of socializing in business. No, it’s not part of the job (except maybe in sales with entertaining)- but it can be extremely helpful to one’s career to rub shoulders with the hierarchy after hours. Nowhere is this more true than with a Japanese company and that is where I found myself Monday evening, out with a large group of Japanese businessmen smoking and drinking. I do neither… anymore.

So what is one to do?

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Well if in a good place recovery-wise then by all means go out and paint the town a sober red with the gang. I did, and actually enjoyed it. One benefit of going out on an expense tab with a large group of drinkers is that while they concentrate on the shochu I get to help myself to the fine meal that no longer holds their interest. I have to hand it to my company and especially my Japanese colleagues who neither care nor make an issue of my non-drinking- they are good people.

It still wears me out though to be in that environment, and that being said that evening I came home after an hour and a half train commute back into Tokyo and was too tired to write. So I resigned myself to the keyboard and a short post (like this was supposed to be) and was rewarded with an e-mail from my friend MPJ who had sent me a guest blog. Timing could not have been ever better my friend- thanks!

So no trouble experienced, but I am working my program diligently so that I can keep it this way. One thing is for sure is that if I wasn’t in a confident place in recovery then this environment would not be for me. No job is worth the risk, nothing can take priority over recovery. With me, the day I start drinking to hang onto my job… is the day I begin drinking again as a full time job. All other career goals will be dropped to serve the old master. Depressing stuff, but all too true.

Good night- I am off to eat!

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