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Sober Toolbox Additions

June 29, 2016

Sober Toolbox Additions are where we revisit posts from the past that were more focused on the nuts and bolts of recovery. All these posts are from about seven years ago. The Ripple Effect of Loving Someone Who Drinks Too Much – Guest post by Lisa Frederiksen of Breaking the Cycles. Reconciliation is not Possible […]

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And The Award Goes To…

June 10, 2016

This fellow, for “Breathalyzer Performance at a Drunk Driving Check Point”.  I bet this happens to police around the world all the time. In China, they take drunk driving even more serious than we do; the legal limit in China is .02%.  A BAC of over .08% (most states in the USA) can result in […]

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Eye Opening Facts

May 14, 2016

Brought to us by The Gooden Center – Founded in 1962 by five members of Alcoholics Anonymous and Bishop Robert Gooden, the Bishop Gooden Home provided a safe and confidential environment for businessmen to work through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Bishop Gooden Home, fondly known by its alumni as the “BG,” is […]

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March 20, 2016

M.A.D.D. might be a good deterrent for drunken drivers.  But what about M.A.D. – Mutually Assured Destruction; that’s the worst case scenario of drunken or drug-fueled destruction.  The Air Force is investigating and has removed from their posts 14 airmen at a nuclear missile base in Wyoming for alleged illegal drug use, in some cases […]

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Bye, Bye, Love & 42 Pounds of Poison

February 6, 2016

Goodbye Happiness.  When the best case scenario is numb feet and the worst case is losing your kids. One of the most interesting and harrowing documentaries on the dangers of abusing alcohol.  Brought to you by the BBC. FYI – 3 stones equal 41.96 lbs.

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Sharing – What’s It Like To Overdose On Alcohol?

January 28, 2016

Most recovery programs involve the act of sharing your story, whether it be one on one with a professional, in groups held by various recovery groups, or rehab.  Sharing allows individuals to talk about what happened, how they got there, and where they are at now in their recovery as well as any problems they […]

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Twin Peaks Hangover Cure

January 8, 2016

I am a Twin peaks fan but don’t remember this one. Found via Dangerous Minds

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Sober Toolbox Additions

December 28, 2015

It’s fun to go back in time.  The best from the past without any fluff.  All these posts are from the spring of 2009. Substance Abuse Fight: Dinosaurs, Airplanes, and the Vestigial Ashtray – where are we in this fight. The TDA Abbreviated 12 Step Program for the Spiritually Challenged – just what it sounds like. Science or Selling […]

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On-Demand Vomiting: The Prequel to Choking the Gag Reflex

July 14, 2010

It was one of the top ten signs that I was becoming an alcoholic during the days of my still social binge drinking that I mastered the art of on-demand vomiting. Developed as a preventive measure to avoid getting sick in front of others (you know you have a problem when you hide it from […]

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TDA Adds to the Three A’s of Abuse: Access, Affordability, and Advertising

January 24, 2010

This weekend my good friend MPJ over at A Room of Mama’s Own tipped me off that Burger King was looking to add beer to their fast food menu. This reminded me that official TDA researcher Norm also had sent in a story from a while back that Walgreen’s was looking to stock alcohol of […]

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The TDA Alphabet Primer: B is for Blackout

November 22, 2009

Most people think of a blackout in the context of a region losing all electrical power. On the rare occasion they occur, the safe thing is to stay calm, go to ground, and congregate with others for safety while waiting for dawn or the return of power. Blackouts are considered extremely serious, and there is […]

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You Think Handcuffs Are Going to Stop This?

November 4, 2009

Stacy Goodwin is the Ohio mother shown in the video attacking Lori Osterland who was in court to face charges that she was complicit in the death of Goodwin’s daughter, 20 year-old Carri Goodwin. Alliance, Ohio, police say the Goodwin sisters and Osterland were out drinking. They believe 20-year-old Carri passed out in a car […]

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Wasted in Wisconsin

November 1, 2009

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has put together a truly excellent series that documents Wisconsin’s culture of alcohol and the pain and misery it has exacted upon the state. I have often written on the subject of What is Wrong with Wisconsin* so I thought it fitting to highlight this JS online special that focuses on […]

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Drinking to Get Drunk

August 5, 2009

original pic by nyki_m under creative commons license now at The Discovering Alcoholic

Italy is imposing age restrictions and new limits on drinking to combat the continued rise of abuse and alcoholism, particularly among young people. Europe has long been used as an example by proponents that a lower minimum drinking age here in the States would reduce the “forbidden fruit” symptoms of secretive and binge drinking, but recent trends contradict this line of thought.

“The problem of alcoholism is growing in Italy because we have severed the link between food and drink — now, young people drink to get drunk,” and that creates all sorts of problems for public safety and the proliferation of laws to control the situation, said Edi Sommariva, who is director general of FIPE and a supporter of the E.U. restrictions on sales venues for alcohol. ~ NYT

Notice the emphasis (mine), Italy’s culture has changed- become more like our own. No longer is alcohol tied in with a sit down meal, instead now young people just consider it an intoxicant.

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TDA on the Minimum Drinking Age in 30 Seconds

July 27, 2009

original pic by nDevilTV under creative commons license now at The Discovering Alcoholic

Dr. Morris Chafetz was a member of President Reagan’s commission in the 1980s that recommended raising the drinking age to 21; he now says it was “the single most regrettable decision” of his career. My first thought on such a comment is that if this is most regrettable decision of his life he can remember, then most likely the man has just gone senile. But it is this second comment that really raised my sanity-doubting eyebrow.

“Legal Age 21 has not worked,” Chafetz said in the piece. “To be sure, drunk driving fatalities are lower now than they were in 1982. But they are lower in all age groups… (snip) the law instead has resulted in “collateral, off-road damage” such as binge drinking that occurs in underage youth and crimes like date rape, assaults and property damage.~ LA Times

I guess Dr. Chafetz must believe that if they were just allowed to drink legally, the young inebriated idiots of the world would become gentle law abiding lambs. I mean everyone knows that date rape, assaults, and property crime just didn’t exist in prior to the National Minimum Age Drinking Act of 1984- back in the good old days, when alcohol made kids smart.

10 seconds left, must hurry… I oppose lowering the minimum drinking age limits because it is a known fact the earlier one starts drinking the more likely they are to suffer substance abuse issues. Game, set, match for me. Combine this with the fact that by lowering the drinking age we just put 16 and 17 year olds as next up in the queue- no doubt idolizing the high school seniors turning up a cold beer . Even more emotionally and physically immature, they will be inheriting the angst and the ills of those almost old enough to drink.

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