Supervised Teen Drinking is just Early Training for Alcohol Abuse

by The Discovering Alcoholic on January 29, 2010

A recent study suggests that parents who allow supervised drinking in the home to teach their children responsible habits may be just giving them an early training course in alcohol abuse.

The researchers found that, in general, the more teens drank at home, the more they tended to drink elsewhere; the reverse was also true, with out-of-home drinking leading to more drinking at home. In addition, teens who drank more often, whether in or out of the home, tended to score higher on a measure of problem drinking two years later. ~ Scientific Blogging

The lead researcher of the study, Dr. Haske van der Vorst, suggested that the accepted practice of trying to train teens to drink moderately is not based on science or proven results. Her study shows the best way to prevent alcohol abuse is to prevent drinking in the first place.

Haske van der Vorst says, “I would advise parents to prohibit their child from drinking, in any setting or on any occasion. “If parents want to reduce the risk that their child will become a heavy drinker or problem drinker in adolescence they should try to postpone the age at which their child starts drinking.”

What parent wouldn’t do anything in their power to help prevent their kids from suffering substance abuse issues in the future? Or maybe a better question, now that it becoming increasingly clear that smoking and drinking in the home or condoning the practice is potentially harmful to kids… are those parents who drink or smoke, even responsibly and in moderation, bad parents?

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