Study Shows Differences between Men and Women with Alcohol Problems

by The Discovering Alcoholic on April 26, 2007

Survey says… DUH! ”

“In a study of 2,750 men and women, researchers at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis found that the sexes showed some key differences in symptoms of problem drinking. For example, men more often reported problems like bingeing or getting into fights, but women were more likely to report feeling depressed or guilty about their drinking. ~ Health”

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A study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis of 2,750 men and women found that there are key differences in the manner the sexes display abusive drinking and alcoholic symptoms.

Psychologist Penny E. Nichol and her colleagues published their less than surprising findings on this subject matter in a journal called, Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. I know I am being snarky, but does it really take a team of researchers to discover that there are major physiological and psychological differences between men and women, ergo addiction which manifests in both will greatly vary in its symptoms between the sexes?

Perhaps it is just the CNN summary that short changes the gist of this journal that I have not yet had the opportunity to access. What I would hope is that Dr. Nichol and her colleagues were moving toward is that maybe some of the depression, anxiety, and social disorders that occur more prominently in women may in some cases be caused by an addiction that would otherwise be diagnosed in the often bellicose and more easily read men.(ouch)

Regardless of the sex of the patient, I wish that doctors paid more attention to addiction possibly being a root cause of depression and other mental and physical problems before they arbitrarily prescribe treatment and often drugs. I am a big advocate of drug screening prior to the issuance of most prescription medications.

I have linked to the article above in the lead-in, tell me what you think.

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