Star Trek in Recovery

by The Discovering Alcoholic on May 9, 2009

The trendy are calling it Star Trek Reboot, referring to the latest rendition of the sci-fi classic now hitting the big screen. Sounds cool, and while continuity reboot may be an apt technical description for what the ever-so-creative J. J. Abrams and company have done to rejuvenate this American icon- the term still falls short for describing such a well made and enjoyable movie. I prefer to think of it as Star Trek in recovery; breathing new life into a tired concept that was stuck in a rut of predictable plots and stock characters, offering a new beginning and path for past and future fans to follow.

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Actually the movie itself could be considered the actual rehab for the series, considering how it concentrated more on changing the people, places, and things than a science fiction oriented plot. In fact, the chain of events the story revolves around is more of a support structure so that the characters can be redeveloped… to emerge once again in the same roles but as different, and hopefully better people. Not unlike those coming out of rehab that hope no longer to be identified as a junky or drunk, same name and face but a new outlook and better tools to tackle the world (universe).

What really stands out about this movie is the rapid pace at which it moves, telling the story of James T Kirk from birth to decorated starship captain in the time it takes to consume a bag of popcorn- and doing it well. If only recovery in real life moved so fast! The casting excellent, CGI excellent, and they found a way to honor characters and elements of the past without being campy or relapsing entirely. Recovery is about starting over, with new tools and a bright outlook on the future- and that is exactly what came to my mind viewing the parting scene of the new captain and crew taking the starship Enterprise out of space dock to again go boldly where no man has gone before.

Because I am a sci-fi nerd, Star Trek gets a well deserved TDA Salute. Go see it!

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