Spirituality in a Nutshell for the Recovering Alcoholic

by The Discovering Alcoholic on July 4, 2010

There’s a reason why explanations on the importance of spirituality in recovery either follow along the lines of religious dogma or new age mysticism – it’s because the attainment, even the definition, of spirituality is of such personal and intangible nature that people almost have to explain it through traditional or at least familiar terms that are readily available.

Not so here at TDA though, no preachers with their sermons and formulaic worship or shamans with the incense and the obligatory meditation are necessary. And I intend to not only explain what spirituality is, why it’s important, and but also to illuminate this numinous path to enlightenment.

Spirituality in a nutshell is the opposite of addiction. Wow, I even did it in just three words!

That’s right, the active alcoholic and addict is always wrapped up in his or her own egocentric little world fabricated of lies and rationalizations all crafted for the sole purpose of feeding the addiction. It’s me, myself, and I as the three musketeers and unfortunately at this point we usually despise all three; there can be no Joy in Muddville with this team of losers. The pursuit of spirituality is breaking away from this mindset. The pathway is recovery itself- learning to care for others, finding purpose outside of personal gain, and becoming the opposite of an addict, selfless. The contentment and joy one finds from not what we have consumed but what we have actually fostered, produced, and accomplished becomes our spirituality.

Spirituality. It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world; one that not only did I never experience as an alcoholic but by my very nature could not even comprehend. I’m not always in touch with my spirituality and sometimes even completely at sea, but there are those times with family, friends, and work that just click and it’s then it’s snap like that and I feel like a guru.

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1 Screedler July 6, 2010 at 4:14 pm

This is now my all time favorite TDA post – good words and great tune to go with it


2 Paul July 4, 2010 at 7:45 pm

Spiritual health is actually something that I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. It is just so important for me. I’ve managed some great achievements in recovery, but sometimes these can mean nothing to me. No matter how well my life is going I can still get the “what’s the point?” questions in my head. For me just getting too caught up in life is inherently dissatisfying; I need something more. When I add a spiritual element to my life though, it all becomes so much more fulfilling. When people I know die it reminds me of how life can’t be taken too serious; I do need to keep my feet planted on the ground, but also see the bigger picture as well.

Thanks for your timely post.


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