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by Screedler on December 28, 2015

It’s fun to go back in time.  The best from the past without any fluff.  All these posts are from the spring of 2009.

Substance Abuse Fight: Dinosaurs, Airplanes, and the Vestigial Ashtray – where are we in this fight.

The TDA Abbreviated 12 Step Program for the Spiritually Challenged – just what it sounds like.

Science or Selling Books? – book review of Harvard psychologist Gene M. Heyman’s “Addiction: A Disorder of Choice“.

An Apology Should Not Have the Word, “But,” In It… – guest post by Lisa Frederiksen.

Sobriety: Almost not Good Enough  – from the Alcoholic’s Playbook.

When Drinking is no Longer the Answer – kind of like the promises.

This blog has been around for almost a decade, with posts in its current form going back to April of 2007.   STA’s started out a few years ago when I started helping, with the promise of updates every month.  But somewhere along the way, I started failing to do that, highlighting fewer and fewer posts from the past each year.  Here I am now looking at how many I added this year, and there are a measly two formal STA entries.

As a New Years resolution I will try to start updating that area again on a more regular basis.   They are sure to help those in the early stages of recovery more than mine, as original TDA’er Gavin’s posts were always more utilitarian than mine on the do’s and don’ts of recovery.  Back then, he posted every day.  Every day for years.  So I have culled out some and present you the best here IMHO.  Here’s looking to a 2016 with many more of his insightful posts highlighted in the form of STA’s… and maybe even some new one’s.

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