Sober Date: Scary… and No Fun (Sex)!

by The Discovering Alcoholic on February 23, 2009

Original pic by Rogerwp now at The Discovering AlcoholicBack in my drinking days I would have rather dated a zombie than a non-drinker; of course in those days many of my drug addled companions closely resembled the walking dead anyway. So I could really relate to the concern being expressed by this writer, a female recovering alcoholic, who went to an advice column about how to break the sober at all cost news to a potential suitor.

The response she gets from the columnist is pretty good. That yes, her sobriety may scare off some guys that will fear being judged on their own drinking habits and other less-than-secure types may feel threatened by the close ties of a recovery group. There was one point missing however that I thought was important to make.

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The sobriety up front method will weed out those suitors that A) are looking for a date that will get snockered so they can have their way with them and B) they are so insecure that only by drinking themselves silly will they have the nerve to run the bases. Either way, weeding these guys out of the running is not a bad idea because they are only looking for one thing.

My take on this subject is that recovery is a personal matter and no one’s business unless you decide it is, and by then it should be a non-issue. If it’s not, then the whole relationship is probably a bad idea anyway. In closing I would like to add in as mature way as possible this gem: there are people that go from teens to death without ever experiencing what sex is like sober, and they will never know how much better it can be!

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