Silly Tramp! Wait a Sec…

by The Discovering Alcoholic on April 17, 2008

She started drinking heavily at the age of 12. And by the time she was 14, Natasha Farnham was told by shocked doctors that she was the youngest patient they had ever seen with liver failure caused by alcohol abuse. She was drinking up to six bottles of wine a day – and now, at 18, she has been warned that if she drinks again she will die. ~ Dailymail

I must admit, sympathy was not among my first thoughts as I read this story of the teenager with a failing liver due to alcohol abuse. The comments at the bottom of the story run along the same vein with equal scorn directed at the girl and her mother. At least with me however, it didn’t take long before reality set in realizing that if not for a healthy liver, “there I be.”

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It really does amaze me that even with my background and history that I initially read this story in a patronizing manner. That I thought ill of this girl and thought what a useless bag her mother must be. Me, who at fourteen was drug unconscious from the middle of the road by drivers courteous and sober enough not to run over my drunken impression of a speed bump. Me, who would take a bat to the fool who dare call my lovely mother a bag.

I write about alcoholism, substance abuse, and recovery every night yet my first reaction was to look down my nose and think “tramp”. Is it just human nature or a product of our society that in cases like this we would rather jeer than volunteer? The stigma of addiction is often a primary factor in the resistance to education, understanding, and treatment… obviously I along with the rest of society remain part of this problem.

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