Signs of Alcoholism in the Family

by The Discovering Alcoholic on February 8, 2009

Signs of Alcoholism in the Family at The Discovering AlcoholicSigns of alcoholism in the family are fairly easy to identify with the adult members. Not being able to stop at just one drink, slurred speech, avoiding any activity unless it includes drinking, and missing deadlines and obligations at work and home are just a few, but the signs are a little harder to identify in underage family members who specialize in covert drinking.

Teenagers already notoriously private and secretive when it comes to parents and authority figures are also often surly and combative, so how does one tell when their attitude changes for the worse? Well in the strange case of the Higgins family in Carlisle the signs of a teenager caught up in substance abuse aren’t that hard to see. In fact, they are plastered all over the neighborhood! Isobel Higgins has been posting the sign you see above in public places in a desperate attempt to cut off her sixteen year-old daughter Jody’s sources of alcohol.

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Jody apparently has spent the last year drinking anything she can get her hands on. She’s out of control according to her mother, now she’s also having problems at school and with the law.

She believes there is hope for her daughter, but says all the hard work is pointless if adults keep buying her drink. ‘I don’t think she’s getting served herself, but she’s getting it from somewhere. I don’t think people realise the harm they are doing by buying her it but they don’t have to face her when she comes home and is falling over drunk. ~ DailyMail

I’m not really sure how successful mother Higgins will be with this poster blitz, but it sure is a great example of how far a mother will go to save her child from substance abuse. One might say this extreme behavior of the parent is just another sign of alcoholism in the family.

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