Signs Are There, but Direction Is Bad

by The Discovering Alcoholic on March 30, 2009

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Saying that over two million teens suffer from clinical depression, a government panel is urging doctors to screen kids annually. My problem with this is not a dispute with the statistic because I think you can probably find the same signs in any segment of the population- but I worry about what they plan to do with these millions once they are identified.

As it is right now antidepressants are the most highly prescribed drugs in America- in fact, most doctors are more concerned about under-prescribing when it comes to adults. Even now antidepressants are used without proper therapy and follow-up; patients begin to rely on the drugs to gloss over their problems instead of using them as a tool for recovery. In my humble opinion the dangers are much greater for those teens with undeveloped brains and coping skills. Throw 2 million more into the system and what happens? The obvious.

Most pediatricians aren’t trained to do psychotherapy, but they can prescribe depression medication and monitor patients they’ve referred to others for therapy, he said. ~ emphasis mine

I don’t like the direction this is going.

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