Secret Female Alcoholism

by The Discovering Alcoholic on February 10, 2009

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Experts say that having more than one drink a day could lead to problems with alcohol, warning this may hold especially true for women who are “more prone genetically to the ill effects of alcoholism.”

”Many women who have more than one drink a day or two glasses of wine a day could be experiencing symptoms related to alcohol use, even though drinking two glasses of wine a day, no one might think, `I have an alcohol problem,'” said Dr. Lee Tannenbaum, Belair Center for Addictions. Dr. Tannenbaum calls the disorder “secret female alcoholism.” ~

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My take on this story is that it doesn’t matter if one cat laps a sip or gulps it by the gallon; just drinking alcohol is a risk considering that twenty percent of the population will experience problems with alcohol at sometime in their life. Whether it’s the discrete but problematic habit of the refined lady or the drunken slushery of a barroom brute, two things you can be sure they will have in common are the lies and the selfishness that do just as much damage as the drinking. Another thing you can count on, there is nothing “secret” about the destruction alcohol causes in the lives of women and men.

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