Screedler’s Top Five Benefits of Getting Sober

by Screedler on August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday TDAHello everyone, it’s been a while since I posted a blog on anything. I have tried to make comments on TDA’s posts from time to time to stay in the loop. Today is a special day for TDA (it’s not actually today but soon) and I thought I would write my own post and hope it worthy enough for him to post on the front page so he could take a little break today or tomorrow from writing. As you can tell he is pretty adamant about keeping the site updated every day – no matter how he feels physically, mentally, or what demands the rest of the world has for him. He knows this is part of his recovery and that it must come first.

I owe him thanks for my own sobriety and can’t tell anyone enough about how much he helped me when I was still a suffering alcoholic. I can honestly say I probably would not have become sober without his help and concern. He took care of so much for me when I simply couldn’t .

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Anyway, from time to time he mentions I should write something for him and sometimes I do, but more often – I do not. So I thought I would today without him asking. I have always read that Top 5 and 10 Lists do well at attracting readers. I even talked TDA into posting one in the past – but It did not really perform as I had anticpated. So like in recovery – I am just going to have to try again:

My Top Five Benefits of Being Sober

1. I don’t have to lie all the time. As an alcoholic I not only lived a lie – I lied about lies. I have heard that some people call alcoholism “The Liars Disease”. It could not have been more true in my case. No matter what was concerned, when I was drinking; I lied about it. 99 percent of the stuff I said during the day was a lie. I would just lie about everything ALL THE TIME.

2. In the same vein – I don’t have to make excuses – to myself or to anyone else. Life is what it is – I can only try my best to do the next right thing.

3. I actually feel “normal”. I could write volumes on my existential battles, my beliefs that I inherited multiple “genetic” mental maladies, and my “real” extremely poor physical condition. When I say normal – I guess I mean – I don’t feel special in a good or bad way. I am just some dude trying to make it in this world. I am not some guy they are going to do a scientific study on or make a movie about.

4. I have a higher power and I have a relationship with that power. I am still not sure what that means, but I really do believe there is one and that there is more to this world than meets the eye. I truly do believe that this “power” can help me in ways which I could not and cannot do myself. I have seen and experienced things that prove it to me.

5. I can be happy! Not all the time. But that I can be at all is amazing. I know not everyday is a bed of roses and that’s just the way its is – but sometimes I do get to stop and smell said roses. And boy, do they smell good.

In closing – it would be easy for me to do a top 100 benefits. But I am running out of time if I want TDA to be able to benefit from this on his “special” day. So help me make this a “special” post for him and comment on it or better yet – digg it, stumble it, or reddit and validate my top 5 theory.


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