Recovery Tip #156,796: Do not watch this video!

by The Discovering Alcoholic on June 17, 2007

If you just must, then pay particular attention to the stars in this anti-drug music video of the 80’s. You’ll see pre-mugshot Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown as well David Hasselhoff sans half-eaten hamburger. Maybe they should have paid more attention to Nancy Reagan. I am sure the video was made with good intentions; it’s just that anything 80’s- related makes me twinge.

The 70’s were my childhood and I have some fond memories. In the 90’s I found recovery and a happiness I never thought possible, but the 80’s… blech. Bad music, bad clothes, and mostly bad memories; so good riddance Max Headroom, Knight Rider, and those awful parachute pants I banish thee to the forgettable past.

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