Recovery is a No-Brainer

by The Discovering Alcoholic on June 16, 2009

Recovery is a No-Brainer at The Discovering Alcoholic

This is a crazy post. It started out as one thing and turned into another. TDA has a long tradition of movie reviews starting with one on the 1940’s movie about the dangers of alcoholism “The Lost Weekend”. Many entries at TDA are observations/reviews on books, art, music and pop culture and how they can relate to recovery. Some observations are obvious and can easily be extrapolated into “what does this have to do with recovery” while others are more subjective needing a spin as to how this or that relates to recovery personally. This post started out that way.

When me and TDA see a movie together, eat together, work together (physical and mental) somehow everything goes back to recovery. It is very much the number one priority in his life as well as mine. If we go see a movie – Star Trek, Iron Man or even Pineapple Express…we always talk about how something could be related to recovery. We may be listening to the radio on the way to a meeting and wind up discussing if there is anything about the band Bon Jovi that is recovery related (sure there is). Dinners together often become mini meetings. Tightening bolts on a piece of equipment can be recovery related if you think about it long enough.

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In the beginning of my recovery (before I got sober) TDA’s time with me was almost always centered on his desire to see me get sober. And he spent a lot of time with me. More than I wanted to be honest. But if you have read my pasts posts I eventually was able to part ways with the dark side. Now sober I find that I have become much like TDA in my own recovery practices. Without even noticing it I have begun to work on my recovery constantly. Gone is the physical desire for the effect of alcohol, but my mind, whether damaged by abuse or suffering from a factory defect can still try to steer me into the dangerous territories of insecurities, resentments, and fears. At work, with family, or friends I am constantly applying techniques I have learned in recovery. I read something new about recovery every day. I read something old about recovery every day. I have noticed that my library of sci-fi and fantasy books are now almost equaled by self help books like “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”, and the “Art of Happiness”. Alongside text books I thought I might use one day in professional reference are many versions of the Big Book, A Life Recovery Bible and Reflections. The favorites on my computer have more than one folder devoted to all things recovery and self help.

Every moment of my life now seems to be affected by my recovery just as every moment of my life before was affected by my alcoholism when I was drinking.

This post started out as a review on a crazy bunch of online games I heard about on a TV show (G4 TV). The game was Faith Fighter and I was going to spin that into how I try to use the best that I l have learned from all faiths in my recovery …be it the higher power concept of AA or the teachings of the Dalai Lama. I was going to call it Faith, Fights and Favors. But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about how being in recovery affects my whole life. And how my life is so much better for it. Not only can I help myself now, I can actually help others. Is this a better way to live? It’s a no-brainer.

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