Recovery Heals the Family

by The Discovering Alcoholic on October 21, 2007

More often than not I find myself writing about how the addiction of a loved one can destroy the lives of an entire family. Even after the death of an addict or alcoholic, the remainder of the family is left to pick up the pieces while juggling feelings of undeserved remorse and guilt. But tonight I ran across a feel-good story that is exactly the opposite, it’s about how recovery can heal the family… in this case, I really mean literally heal the family.

The guy on the right is James Keane; he is a recovering methamphetamine addict. After hitting rock bottom from his $3000 week habit he supported through thievery, his family put together the money for rehab that was the kick start to a successful recovery. Today he is repaying the debt with an equally unselfish gift to his a family; Mr. Keane has donated one of his kidneys to his 23 year old sister.

He credits the love and support of his family and friends for his recovery and now, four years later, the 30-year-old has been well enough to give his 23-year-old sister a kidney. “I’m so thankful I was in a position where I could give my sister a kidney because if I’d been taking drugs this wouldn’t have been able to happen,” he said. “If I was in that state there is no way I would have been able to give Jemma a kidney, and she may not have lived, so it’s an amazing thing.”~ The New Zealand Herald

Just as an addiction can slowly kill a family, the actions of one in recovery are a source of boundless strength. My hat’s off to Mr. Keane; A TDA salute for shining a bright light on the recovery community with his efforts to safeguard the health of his family through this very unselfish gift.

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