Prop 19 Fails – Californian Tokers Could Care Less

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by Screedler on November 4, 2010

The vote on California’s measure to make the recreational use of marijuana legal did not pass.  It seems the reasons for them (pot smokers of California) to vote for it or vote at all, were not persuasive enough.  Without a doubt, if every pot smoker in their state had gone out and voted the measure would have been passed easily.   But the voting block itself was very split with many pot smokers actually rallying against the measure fearing even more governmental interference in their weed use.  Many pro-marijuana groups were very anti-Prop 19; and I can see why.  Currently the penalty for personal  use amounts is not more than a speeding ticket and completely legal if you have a “medical prescription” as referenced by their own site:

A few days ago, the ex-toking Governator signed into law SB 1449, essentially making pot possession under 1 oz no more serious than a speeding ticket. Keep it under an ounce and you CANNOT be arrested, sent to court, or receive a criminal record, PERIOD.

Prop 19 only allows possession of up to an ounce, which is now essentially legal. By voting for Prop 19, you are voting for new cannabis crimes and the ‘walmartization’ of cannabis by large corporations. Ganja is more legal than ever my friends, so let’s pass on Prop 19 and wait for REAL legalization.

In this day and age it was just going to to take more than this measure to get the stoner vote.  Like having Medi-Cal cover medical marijuana expenses.  Free government supplied pot – now that might pass.  It can take a lot to motivate someone high and enjoying a rerun of Aqua Teen Hunger Force to get off the couch. 

Meanwhile, in Cali smoking weed is the same as it was last week.  People are as casual and carefree about it as a day in the park – see vid :

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