Pete Hathaway’s Crusade Against Chemical Egalitarianism

by The Discovering Alcoholic on December 17, 2009

Image from NYT piece "Because Sobriety Is Denial Enough" seen at The Discovering AlcoholicPete Hathaway experienced a rapid fall from grace as alcoholism ripped him from the heights of high society down to the stripped down living arrangements of a dilapidated halfway house. Now back on his feet he again, the one-time director of European furniture for Sotheby’s is taking a blue-blooded approach to long term recovery. He has turned his 10,000 square feet Greek revival home stuffed to the gills with his own collection of art and antiquities into a “boutique three-quarter house” that specializes in red carpet recovery.

Despite the elitist trappings of his establishment, the New York Times story Because Sobriety Is Denial Enough portrays Mr. Hathaway as a man humbled by his disease. Alcoholism is one of the most effective forms of egalitarianism dragging all men down to a common gutter, but apparently his contrition for past excess hasn’t cancelled out his addiction to the creature comforts.

I had a fairly positive take on Mr. Hathaway until I clicked on the NYT slide show (left hand side, 1st page) where he talks about his possessions including the unique decanter and cocktail shaker shown above. In the audio portion he seemed to contradict himself, sounding materialistic and more than a tad egotistic. Then again it may just be jealousy on my part, no doubt I have my own failings and terms like comfort and wealth are relative to one’s current condition. Regardless of what I think about the man, I wish him success and for the others fortunate enough to afford a ritzy recovery.

PS: One may be able to afford a ritzy recovery, but there is not enough money in the world to buy a recovery.

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