Of Beer Drinking Dogs and Pot Smoking Cats

by The Discovering Alcoholic on September 30, 2009

It’s a sad testament to my perverted relationship with drugs and alcohol that the 1983 film Strange Brew along with Animal House still to this day tickle my funny bone. Obviously I don’t blame the movies, but as an impressionable teenager I developed a very unhealthy obsession with drugs and alcohol. By young adulthood, many of the things I considered “normal” would have to most seemed straight out of a scene with Bluto or the McKenzie brothers. I saw absolutely nothing wrong with waking up to a beer, “borrowing” from friends and family, and risking the lives of everyone on the road was a daily routine.

When I ran across this story about the guy who had stuck a cat in his bong pipe, my first thought was that it was an act of intentional cruelty. Cruelty, yes, abuse, yes- but after reflecting upon my own past I sort of doubt now it was intentional. This is most likely his normal world; where drunk dogs and high cats are considered funny and he has a hard time realizing that drugs and alcohol are not the answer to every question and situation. I experienced one of those “sobering moments” of recovery when I followed up my question of what was he thinking” with “I guess I already know”… hopefully the cat is OK, the guy finds recovery, and I’ll go to bed tonight thankful and blessed that I am no longer that kind of person.

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