Novel Idea for Parents: Quit Drinking

by The Discovering Alcoholic on June 26, 2008

A new government study from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration finds that of the nation’s estimated 10.8 million underage drinkers, nearly 40 percent get their alcohol from an adult for free.~ ABC news

The argument over whether or not parents should allow their teens to drink at home has been waged for many years. Some believe that parental supervision will provide kids with a foundation of responsible drinking habits while others disagree stating that this will only enable further and unsupervised use of “adult” substances.

While I think both sides make good points, I have a rather novel take on the subject. Why not concentrate on changing the irresponsible behavior of the adults who serve as role models first? The TDA position on all this is that adults should hang up the beer steins when they decide to become parents.

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Yeah I know my idea has a snowball’s chance in hell of ever being considered but it makes a lot more sense than arguing over what a teenager will do next. Realistically, despite what they say, most adults do not practice what they preach when you consider the large number of DUI’s, alcohol related crime and violence, and just plain drunkenness that is a fact of life in our nation.

I think the emphasis should not be on the question of at what age should children be taught to drink, but instead on providing a positive role model of enjoying life without the need for alcohol and drugs. How can we expect to teach the young people of our nation to drink responsibly when it is something most of the adults have yet to master?

Want to make a real impact? Then show the kids of today that you don’t need alcohol to enjoy life… and just quit.

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