No Shortcut to Recovery

by The Discovering Alcoholic on January 6, 2009

Original photo by kathryn rotondo at The Discovering Alcoholic

There’s an old saying that there are no shortcuts to any place worth going, it’s one that is especially relevant to alcoholics, addicts, and their loved ones. Gullible as lovesick teenagers, this target market so desperately wants to believe in a quick fix that they will shell out big bucks for even the most ludicrous of “treatments”.

It’s a great opportunity for confidence men that use deliberate ambiguity, deception, and misdirection to prey upon those seeking a cure for their addiction. A scam for the ages, but the internet has exponentially increased the ability of these flimflam men to reach their target market. I ran across this official looking press release for a “cure” just yesterday:

“Many members are healthcare professionals, they seem to have more trust in our nutraceutical based technology,” explains Dr. Doug. “Our charity reaches out to all with a permanent cure. Nearly everyone can afford our fees since they are payable from the money members save by not drinking.” ~ Eon

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Sounds like this group can’t decide if they are a treatment center, charity, or collections agency but obviously their definition of a cure and mine differ greatly (no wonder they needed to trademark it). Stay away from groups like this if you are interested in recovery. It is addictive thinking and need for instant gratification that makes these scams so hard to avoid in the first place. Do yourself a favor and take it from me, there are no shortcuts to recovery.

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