Nationwide Ban on Bath Salts Passed To Avert Zombie Apocalypse

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by Screedler on May 31, 2012

I have often joked with TDA about the coming zombie apocalypse, and news of late has been eerily supportive of my go to comeback comment.

TDA: ” I can’t believe they are doing so and so…”

Screedler:  “…It’s a sign of the coming zombie apocalypse”

I have really been saying this for years.  So what should I say to all this news of flesh eating viruses, cannibals, and hard to kill zombies.

Well, technically I think a true zombie has to have come back from the dead.  Plus there’s this new info on the Miami Face Eater, he was probably just high on bath salts.

Which leads us to some good news; a nationwide ban on the sale of these synthetic drugs sold as bath salts and incense.

There’s nothing funny about drugs that turn people into flesh eating zombies…oh wait there is:


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1 Jon @ Bayon Testing June 1, 2012 at 1:34 pm

A nationwide ban on bath salts is probably in everyone’s best interest. It’s not a glamourous drug, has no real appeal beyond the fact it was legal to buy and could get it in the store. I’m definitely curious to see what drug that zombie man was on.

It’s the same reason K2 became so popular, it was legal was wasn’t detected on a drug test. The News today article has some misconceptions in it. There is a police officer being quoted saying that K2 and Spice have synthetic THC in it, which isn’t true at all. K2 has synthetic chemicals that mimic the high from THC but it’s not actual THC.

The only synthetic THC product I know of is the pharmaceutical Marinol, which has actually caused deaths unlike it’s natural counterpart.


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